Examind SDK: A development kit to boost the mapping capabilities of your software solutions

Examind SDK is a development kit. It provides a set of software components enabling the development of advanced functionalities for reading, writing, processing and displaying georeferenced data. It is based on the Apache SIS open source library (Geomatys being a major contributor to its development).

EXAMIND SDK (Software Development Kit)

Examind SDK is a programming kit that extends the functionality offered by the open source suite, enabling non-geospatial development teams to efficiently build tools with advanced features.

  • Thanks to clear APIs, you can create 3D scenes, manipulate complex multidimensional data, or even marine or aeronautical map data.
  • The offer is accompanied by a JavaDoc, tutorials and training material to make it easy to learn.

Its library is enriched with features :

  • Interpretation and representation of marine maps (IHO S-57, S-52 and S-63) and aerial maps
  • Extensions for defense applications (AML, etc.)
  • Reading and writing of multidimensional meteorological and oceanic data (3D Tiles, etc.)
Today, Examind SDK is used by many companies in the defense, naval and hydrographic sectors.

Other benefits of Examind SDK

Cross-reference data and produce high-performance advanced renderings

The SDK enables advanced rendering and processing of manipulated data.

These operations are based as much as possible on the conceptual models used in the industry (ISO TC 211 standards), providing a tool and features designed on the very best expertise in the sector.

Geomatys teams pay particular attention to the solution’s performance throughout its development.

Ease of use

The aim of the SDK is to make it easier for non-expert development teams to implement complex spatial functionalities.

The SDK offers a set of APIs that abstract the complexity intrinsic to the domain for the most common operations, speeding up development implementation. For more expert needs, more complex methods can still be used.

The SDK is supplied with extensive documentation, a detailed Javadoc, tutorials and training courses run by experts in the solution, to help development teams build up their skills with the tool.

Control of processing quality

The SDK is capable of providing quality indicators for the results of operations performed.

This allows you to control the precision of results for controlled use in scientific or industrial contexts.