LOG'AU : What is it ?

LOG’AU is a SaaS platform for managing water quality data, developed in collaboration with stakeholders in the public water sector.

The platform enables water producers not only to manage and share their water data, but also to analyze it using innovative tools.

Analyse des données de qualité de l'eau avec LOG'AU

The cost of the subscription can be adjusted according to the size of the structure (there are 3 different levels, classified by the number of catchment points managed).

LOG'AU Tools

Mapping Module

Contextualize data using powerful cartographic engine.

Measurement analysis

Filter and combine data assets in just a few clicks.

Data summaries

View and download summaries built directly from data.

Alert Module

Alert notification system when water quality thresholds are exceeded

The advantages of LOG'AU

We developed this platform with the help of our partners in industry. This has enabled us to create a solution that responds to the issues most commonly faced by water producers.

Time saving

Processes are automated to help you during data analysis and report writing.

Graphical representation of your data

LOG'AU's various modules feature optimized, comprehensible and secure graphics.

Complementary tools

The platform has been designed to be easy to use from your first login.

Adaptable to your needs

As LOG'AU is entirely designed by Geomatys, we have full control over the platform. This means we can modify it to suit your needs.

Data sharing

Easily and securely share data with your partners.