Apache SIS

Geomatys is a major contributor to this Java library for handling and processing spatialized data. It is used for geographic processing (reprojection, styling, coloring, data extraction, etc.) and data access operations.

Apache SIS has a code quality that combines robustness and scientific rigor, and is now recognized by many industrial companies and space agencies. The library boasts features such as :

  • Fast and accurate projection algorithms, in both terrestrial and extraterrestrial contexts.
  • A metadata module compliant with ISO 19115, and therefore with the INSPIRE directive.
  • Offer multi-dimensional data manipulation, feature (vector) or coverage (raster). For coverage processing, they feature a conceptual data model close to the ISO 19123 standard, enabling optimized access to images, as well as the pre-construction of pyramids for very short response times for WCS, WMS and WMTS services.

Apache SIS is therefore able to take on the task of reprojecting and accessing spatial data in a powerful and robust way, based on the full range of geomatics standards: Coverage ISO 19123; metadata: ISO 19115; EPSG, and so on.