Our SaaS Service Projects

Geomatys leverages its technical expertise and mastery of the software environments it designs to develop service activities in the fields of water management, health and ocean depollution. Each of these platforms is based on the technical expertise of Geomatys’ teams, whether in the massive processing of geospatial data, the production of algorithms for the analysis of spatio-temporal data, the training of neural networks, or the presentation of complex data. The service platforms thus created are intended to be marketed through subsidiaries specific to each of these fields.

Déchet plastique s'échouant sur la mer


The aim of the OPAT project is to use the potential of Big Data Geospatial via Examind Datacube to detect marine litter in near-real time and anticipate its drift several days in advance.

Schéma du fonctionnement de OPAT


The Epiwise project is an early warning solution for the emergence of zoonoses, with the ambition of becoming a decision-making platform for governments in epidemic crisis management.


LOG’AU has been designed to integrate and monitor water quality data.

Graphiques de synthèse des mesures de qualité de l'eau grâce a LOGAU