A word from the founder 

« Martin Desruisseaux and I founded Geomatys in 2005. It started with informal collaboration alongside our respective professional activities. We still do not realise the sheer size of it. We had ambitious goals and just wanted to reach them.« 

Vincent Heurteaux, January 2016


The company

Geomatys is a computing development company specialized in geospatial information processing. Facilitate, improve decision-making and predict risks is the heart of our business.

Since its creation in 2005, the company has been involved in Open Source projects. Thus, our services are based on Open Source libraries developed by Geomatys : Geotoolkit and Apache SIS.

Our expertise in the field allowed us to create a software platform fully mastered, interoperable, strictly respecting field standards: Examind Community (formerly known as Constellation SDI).

In recent years, the growing maturity of the platform led us to decline the latter into a proprietary products range : The Examind suite. It’s based on the same Open Source platform, while offering additional proprietary features.

The mastery of the entire edited software platform enables Geomatys teams step in on the whole deployed solution in order to reply to any new and complex issues.

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Our values

Interoperability : Geomatys is involved in standards evolution by participating in each OGC meeting and several standardization groups. Martin Desruisseaux, OGC GeoAPI standard chairman takes Geomatys concepts at the heart of standardization process. Developed solutions therefore benefits from the latest novelties in terms of standard, taking advantage of incomparable interoperability. They naturally meet OGC,ISO and Inspire standards. Standards are becoming more and more crucial for the openness and scalability of implemented spatial information systems.

Innovation : Innovation at Geomatys is thought of in advance tomorrow’s problems and offering suitable tools to today’s customers’ needs. That’s why, since its creation, the company invests 20% to 30% of its turnover in Research and Development. The effort focused on R&D allows Geomatys to offer a complete range of self-edited tools.

The perfect control of its whole development chain guarantee the final result quality. It ensures the company’s ability to meet all spatial data manipulation requirements.

Ergonomics and user experience : All Geomatys applications are designed with the constant aim of ease of use. Each interface is thought in collaboration with the end user. Thus, softwares offer an intuitive navigation and allow to focus on what matters : the geospatial data processing. Geomatys applications are ever more intuitive, accessible and benefit from an ever-increasing functional wealth.

Quality control : Geomatys products development is user-centric. Interaction and exchange with the customer are crucial. This is why projects are developed according to the Agile method, that guarantees the successful project completion and get on with customers’ needs. Concurrently, a robust software forge is used for each project. Each solution is therefore proven and can satisfy the most demanding industries. Geomatys deliver a global offer, integrating all customers expected services (consulting, software packages development, systems integration, operation and maintenance, training…). The company brings innovative, proven and robust software solutions. These allow more and more consistent and strategic geographic data volumes exploitation.

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