Open Source libraries

The fruit of all our R&D work has been gathered together in these different geospatial libraries. These represent our development bases for all our future client applications.

GeoAPI : bibliothèque reflétant notre expertise


GeoAPI is an OGC project for which Geomatys is the main contributor. So much more than a geospatial library, the project has become an OGC standard and also meets the ISO standards. GeoAPI promotes interoperability between the systems and flexibility for the users who switch from one implementation to another.

Apach S.i.S : bibliothèque reflétant notre expertise

Apache SIS

Apache SIS is an Apache Foundation project. This geospatial library is fully Open Source. It provides the building blocks that Geomatys uses for all its activities. Apache SIS is a GeoAPI implementation that is robust and respects the international standards.

Geotoolkit : bibliothèque reflétant notre expertise


Geotoolkit is an Apache SIS extension. The documentation for this Java library allows fast and easy take-up and integration. This full API allows metadata, spatial reference systems, coordinate transformations and raster image manipulation to be managed. This project is constantly evolving and being used in production for several large-scale projects.