The Examind suite intended for geographic information exploitation result from more than 10 years of R&D. The software suite is based on an open source core and delivers solutions covering various needs. It offers a development kit and platforms hosted locally or in the cloud, in order to meet today’s needs.

EXAMIND is based on 3 principles:

Broad interoperability and connectivity

  • The ability to analyse sources of heterogeneous information, often confined in warehouses that are barely connected.
  • Compliant with the standards in force.
  • Use of web services that allow their implementation within existing information systems to be simplified.

Pertinent distribution of the data and calculations

  • Distribution of vast amounts of information on multiple server instances.
  • Making possible the distribution of data cache volumes
  • Allowing the distribution of the calculations that result from the multidimensional analysis.
  • Introduction of flexible cloud-computing platform structures.

Diversity of the structures to be analysed

  • Integration of spatial processing into highly-distributed calculation environments.
  • Environments offering analysis support in the form of graphs or in stream mode.
  • Real-time data analysis.