Why choose Geomatys ?

Innovation at Geomatys is thought of in advance regarding tomorrow’s problems and offers suitable tools to today’s customers’ needs. That’s why, since its creation, the company invests 20% to 30% of its turnover in Research & Development.

Our solutions are based on geospatial libraries developed by Geomatys teams. Thus, we master the whole production chain. Our perfect knowledge of all development stages, allows us to guarantee the accuracy of our projections.

Geomatys is involved in standards implementation (OGC meeting and standardization groups). Therefore, solutions benefits from standards’ latest novelties, offering incomparable interoperability. They naturally meet OGC, ISO and Inspire standards.

Geomatys has all the skills to develop your geospatial cloud solutions. Moreover, our Examind platform can be cloud-based. Restructured in micro-services, it offers a massive scalability and resilience.

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