SIRS Digues

Project Description

Geographical information system for managing dykes and adjoining structures.

The solution comprises a desktop application for advanced management and a mobile tool for on-site activity. The data is stored in a distributed base to facilitate exchanges between the different managers. All the tools are managed by the France-Digues association.

  • Referencing of structures, objects and disorders observed on a linear reference base.
  • Works online or offline, on all computer and tablet operating systems.
  • The features of the application may be extended with autonomous modules so as to meet the diversity of the missions encountered by dyke managers.

Geomatys service

  • Animation of a project comprising multiple entities that have different use contexts, missions and operational needs.
  • Analysis of the business needs and pre-development validation based on operational models.
  • Geographical and linear referencing used for data mapping.
  • Development of a multi-platform Java application that automatically updates its reference lists, the modules installed and the software core.
  • Integration a database complex system (NoSQL in automatic replication) into a final user-friendly and intuitive client application.

Results presentation

Technologies used