Project Description

The OGC working group decided to use the GWML2 format for the Ground Water Interoperability Experiment on the definition and modelling of the WFS standard for international exchange of data on subterranean water. 

The BRGM, after a phase in which the use cases were defined and the conceptual and logical modelling carried out, defined the mapping of the French reference databases to the GWML2 model and the procedure using the WFS OGC service. 

Geomatys has introduced a WFS 2.0 flow that complies with the GroundWaterML standard as per the mapping established for the BRGM water boring based on the ADES data and BSS data.

Geomatys service

  • Knowledge in the field of water, OGC expertise for the implementation of specific application diagrams.
  • Ability to work on the entire implementation solution and therefore the ability to strictly respect the conceptual output model.

Technologies used