Nature Information Distribution Tool for Upper Normandy

Project Description

Regional platform for the Nature and Landscape Information System (SINP) for Upper Normandy:

  • Sharing of nature data on a central platform
  • Distribution of information via web services and an application
  • Advanced search functions
  • Distribution control for sensitive data
  • Management of public and private data and the associated intellectual property rights
  • Data integration, validation and transformation services
  • Collaborative directory tools for the entities involved and tools for enhancing scientific reference documents
  • Interoperability with the national and theme-based platforms

Geomatys service

  • Expertise in Geomatics
  • Data storage, processing and presentation adapted to field expert’s requirement
  • Specialisation of the Geomatys team in the biodiversity field

Technologies used

  • Apache SIS / Geotoolkit
  • Examind 
  • PostgreSQL/ PostGIS
  • Titan
  • Spring, Hibernate, Activiti…
  • AngularJS
  • Openlayers

Results presentation