Environment and Smart Territories

Environment and territories management are at the heart of today’s  concerns. How to find the balance between the preservation of the environment and the industrial activity of humans?

GIS enables environmental data collection, process, modeling and spread. Overlaying different types of data can help predict the future and anticipate issues of terrestrial and marine fauna and flora resources. Thus, GIS help in the forecasting and decision-making in terms of: environmental protection, biodiversity management, environmental risk management (floods, forest fires, diseases …), species surveillance …

Territories management

The ODIN project (a naturalist information spread tool) of Normandy region, rely on the expertise of Geomatys for its platform development. It offers raw data on fauna, flora and habitat in Normandy, synthesis maps and treatment services.


Geomatys has also realized from end to end, an observatory to characterize and represent the territory dynamics on behalf of SMBT (the Mixed Union of the Thau Basin).

Environmental Risk Management

Geomatys has developed the software component (cartographic tool and indicator calculator) of the RhoMéO toolbox for monitoring wetlands in the Rhône-Mediterranean basin. It allows data entry and import as well as indicators calculation. RhoMéO is a calculation assistant for all concerned operators.

Geographical Life Portal (EID)

As part of a project to fight against nuisance and diseases vectors mosquitoes, Geomatys designed the Life Geographic Portal. It allows the spread of geographical data produced by the five partner operators.


On behalf of IFREMER, Geomatys integrated the SOS and WFS services on the OCEANOTRON server created in response to the proliferation of marine data formats. This server generates plugins that read different data formats: netCDF, OceanSites, RDBMS schema and ODV binary format.

Oceanotron (IFREMER)

If the projects in which Geomatys has been involved mainly concern the environment and the management of the territory, our skills in the field are perfectly adapted to municipalities, cities or metropolises management. Our geospatial applications can improve the quality, safety and performance of urban services. GIS becomes a key player in the development of Smart Cities.

For more information about our skills in Geographic Information System for environmental management, contact our teams.