Project Description

Satellite-Assisted Environmental Monitoring for the Indian Ocean.

The SEAS-OI station receives the satellite images (SPOT and RADARSAT-2) and is a hub of excellence for remote detection. The aim is to assist the knowledge, analysis and integrated management of the west basin of the Indian Ocean.

The SEAS-OI team called on Geomatys to introduce a portal to distribute the satellite images received.
The main challenge was to adapt the Examind solution to take the particularities of image and radar formats into consideration. The automated, bulk import of large volumes of data (several dozen TB). The distribution and full-resolution viewing of this data.

Geomatys service

  • Earth observation Expertise.
  • Management of large volumes of satellite data.
  • Respect of OGC standards.
  • Automation of the data publication and integration procedures.

Technologies used

  • Examind
  • Geotoolkit / GeoAPI / ApacheSIS
  • Liferay
  • Bootstrap
  • OpenLayers 3
  • Spring / Flyaway
  • Java

Results presentation