SEAS Haïti

Project Description

Satellite-Assisted Environmental Monitoring, Haiti.

Geomatys deployed a technological satellite image acquisition and processing platform for the following:

  • Searching and training
  • Environmental monitoring (landslides, deforestation, fishing and piracy)
  • Implementation of a solution to distribute the satellite images acquired, on-site at the antenna Installation of the institutional portal for the project
  • Accompany the Haitian team as they learned to use the platform (on-site training, etc.)

Geomatys service

  • Implementation of a satellite images distribution platform (performant and interoperable)
  • Large data volume management  (individual files several hundred GB in size, overall volume of several TB)

Technologies used

  • Examind
  • Geotoolkit / GeoAPI / ApacheSIS
  • Liferay
  • Bootstrap
  • OpenLayers 3
  • Spring / Flyaway
  • Java

Results presentation