Project Description

Referencing tool for the missions and scientific programmes of the CNES.

  • Re-working of the referencing and cataloguing tool for all the missions archived by the SERAD services.
  • Introduction of a cataloguing tool for the different metadata standards.
  • Expertise and introduction of metadata standards that cover the scientific fields of the CNES (Earth Watch, Science of the Universe, Materials Science and Life Science).
  • Use of thematic thesauruses for the metadata search engine.

Geomatys service

  • Earth watch business expertise.
  • Metadata standard expertise.
  • Introduction of search features based on the ontology and thesaurus editor.
  • Ergonomic design study to meet the business particularities of the CNES (Cone Search search, platform concept, experience and mission, etc.).
  •  Application production maintenance and client support
  •  Evolutive and corrective maintenance

Technologies used

  • Examind / Geotoolkit / GeoAPI
  • MDWeb
  • Bootstrap
  • Java
  • Thejit / jeena

Results presentation