Project Description

Restec, Remote Sensor Technology Center of Japan, distributes the satellite data acquired by Jaxa’s tools, Jaxa being the Japanese space agency.
Restec mandated Geomatys to implement a catalogue of resources for the distribution and sale of satellite images.

Mission and Challenges:

  • Leading an international project comprising heterogeneous teams
  • Introduction of a trilingual platform – Japanese/French/English
  • Establish an official workflow for marketing data
  • Distribution of an application for the general public, with the required security conditions (confirmed by independent audit)

Geomatys service

  • End-to-end control of the technologies required (client, server)
  • Respect of the information security standards
  • Structuring of the project approach, allowing remote collaboration

Technologies used

The server solution is based on Examind so that it can integrate, transform and distribute geospatial data. 

The client solution is based on the following:

  • For the search on the RESTO search engine, developed in PhP, which allows resources to be identified from a natural syntax search
  • For viewing on the Cesium – OpenLayers V3.0 combination.

Results presentation