DREAM GSTP (Airbus Defence & Space)

Project Description

Prototype for the orthorectification of satellite data. The platform is based on several OGC standards: WPS, WMS and CSW.

Initially designed for the DREAM project, funded by the ESA, the project has now been industrialised. Geomatys has deployed the WPS service and the CSW for cataloguing the source data or processed data and a WMS to view the data processed. We manage all the application flows from the provision of the source data on the server to the provision of the refined data to the users: 
Examind integrates raw data and uses a CSW catalogue to make it available to be searched/processed. The WPS then allows the user to process their data using WPS. The reprocessed data is automatically provided by the WMS service at the end of the processing. 

The codes designed by Astrium have been adapted to use the power of Geotoolkit and allow these calculations to be used via WPS. 

Adaptation of the Mashup web client to the particularities of orthorectification processing.

Geomatys service

  • Expertise for Geotk and associated libraries that allows the processing code to be optimised.
  • Expert for the OGC WPS standard and its implementation on the Examind platform.
  • Developing a generic WPS client.

Technologies used

  • Examind / Geotoolkit
  • HTML5 Mapshup (Web Client)
  • Bootstrap / AngularJs
  • OpenLayer 3 / Spring

Results presentation