Earth Observation

The Earth observation market is growing fast, in particular thanks to the European Copernicus program, which freely delivers SENTINEL satellite data. These can be used in many fields such as: natural disasters prevention and monitoring, meteorology, inventory of natural resources, geodesy, study and modeling of climate … GIS allow to manage these large volumes of data, process, analyze and spread them to the various actors in the field.

Spatial Agencies projects

Geomatys worked on several occasions for Remote Sensing Technology of Japan (RESTEC) commissioned by Jaxa (Japanese Space Agency) for the processing, analysis and spread of satellite Earth observation data. The EPIC project consisted in producing a catalog of resources for the spread and sale of satellite images. Ocean Data Set and Ocean Web projects focused on the development of spatial data infrastructures for the analysis, transformation and spread of vector and raster data to manage fisheries resources and evaluate ideal fishing areas. The three solutions based on Examind Community (formerly Constellation-SDI) allow integration, processing, transformation and spread of geospatial data.

Ocean DatSet Viewer (JAXA-Restec)
Ocean Web (RESTEC)
Gabonese Study and Spatial Observation Agency

SEAS projects

The SEAS-Haiti and SEAS-OI projects (Haiti / Indian Ocean Environment Surveillance Assisted by Satellite) focused on the establishment of efficient and interoperable satellite image acquisition and spread platforms. In Haiti, for environmental monitoring (landslide, deforestation, fishing and piracy). In the Indian Ocean, to assist with knowledge, analysis and integration management of the West Indian Ocean Basin. These portals enable automated integration, spread and high-resolution visualization of large volumes of data (multiple Tb).

SEAS Haïti (UEH)


Sentinel Australia Regional Access (SARA)

SARA project (Sentinel Australia Regional Access) consists of the adaptation of a cataloging tool. Graphic charter and specifics tools adaptation.

SARA provides free access to Sentinel satellite data for South-East Asia and South Pacific.


On behalf of CNES (National Center of Space Studies), Geomatys has redesigned REFLECS (REFerence catalog of Long term CNES Scientific data), a tool for referencing and cataloging scientific missions and programs. The catalog provides to scientists and the general public a metadata repository for spatial data. The mastery of Geomatys in standardization allowed the implementation of standardized metadata.



DREAM GSTP (Airbus Defence & Space)

Airbus Defense & Space called upon Geomatys to develop a prototype for the ESA-funded DREAM project. The prototype for the orthorectification of satellite data is based on OGC standards: CSW (for data cataloging), WPS (for data processing) and WMS (for data visualization).


Geomatys is also involved in the GEOSUD project for the implementation of the national high resolution satellite imagery infrastructure. Freely accessible by the community, it allows the spread of images to French public actors.

Geosud platform (IRD)


Sextant (IFREMER)

As part of a Scalable Third Party Maintenance, Geomatys participated in the redesign of the Sextant application, Ifremer’s and its partners marine geographical data server. The challenge was to develop several distinct application components; including Geoviewer for map visualization; and to integrate them, in a way to obtain an homogenous application.

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