Project description

First platform federating Earth observation data sources and promoting the emergence of a rich ecosystem of new services and uses.

In this context the mission of Geomatys is twofold:

  • Development of a geographic information management platform that adapts perfectly to the challenges and benefits offered by Cloud Computing infrastructures
  • Implementation of a Big Data geospatial analysis solution for Defense needs

The main challenge lay in the adaptation of the Examind solution to the Cloud needs:

  • Make the solution elastic
  • Be compatible with new object storage modes offered by cloud platforms
  • Being able to exploit distributed processing and analysis environments

Geomatys service

  • End-to-end know-how in the development of spatial data infrastructures
  • Experienced teams to develop cloud solutions
  • Good knowledge of GeoIntelligence needs

Technologies used

  • Examind
  • ElasticSearch + geospatial plugin
  • Hazelcast
  • HDFS
  • Hadoop / Spark

Results presentation