Major update of the Open Source Project Constellation-SDI : Andromeda version

Constellation-SDI raster image

Constellation-SDI Andromeda is the outcome of the research and development efforts made ​​by the community for 7 years. This new geographic server allows users to manage and share their spatial data through many interoperable services.

Constellation-SDI is already used by many public and private agencies in France and abroad. These companies give impetus to support the latest standards and explore new uses, progressively embedded in each new version. The solution is integrated in many information systems, for example Airbus or the Japanese Space Agency (JAXA).

Constellation-SDI has now become the Open Source solution that offers the largest number of interoperable services (WMS, WMTS, SOS, CSW, WFS, WCS and WPS) through a single platform. It covers the management of data, metadata and sensors. Therefore via OGC and ISO standards, Constellation-SDI can stream data with unrestricted access or implementation.

The solution is based on the Java language. It relies on Geotoolkit and ApacheSIS libraries, powerful geospatial libraries. Many industrialists recognize the projections accuracy and processing speed. The platform lets users operate geographical data warehouses of different natures, vector images, sensors data, or photos taken by drones or satellites. Constellation-SDI can handle all types of currently used data.

Constellation-SDI, beyond the collection and management of data, can stylize each type of data, such as raster or vector. Through its web service WPS, Constellation can automate processes. For example, it can schedule tasks, so that you always have the last updated satellite data with an automated stylizing.

In order to make it as accessible as possible, focus has been put on user experience. The administration interface has been designed to be both user friendly, intuitive and complete, in order to mix functionality and ease of use.


Actions speak louder than all words, a demo site is available at:

A full virtual machine is available for download, for immediate test


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