Examind Server

Geospatial platform for complex data integration, processing and spread

Examind Server is a GHOM platform (Geographical, Hydrographic, Oceanographic and Meteorological). It’s an industrialized version of Examind Community enriched with the features offered by the Examind SDK development kit.

This platform includes :

  • Reading format features for ECW, JPEG 2000, Radarsat, Spot 7, ECDIS, WECDIS…
  • 3D Cesium client-specific distribution services
  • Clustering service for better load distribution
  • Web Sensor Infrastructure for the exploitation of connected objects

The Examind Server platform is ideal to take over environmental issues, maritime surveillance solutions or even theater management systems for the military world.

Easy to use, it offers an elegant and ergonomic interface while offering tools dedicated to complex data support and specific formats management.