Examind SDK

Geospatial development kit

Examind SDK is a development kit. It provides a set of software components that enable the development of advanced features related to reading, writing, processing and display of georeferenced data. It’s based on the open source library Apache SIS (mainly developed by Geomatys teams).

This library is enriched with numerous features :

  • Nautical charts interpretation and representation (IHO S-57, S-52 and S-63)
  • AML military extensions
  • Reading and writing of multidimensional meteorological and oceanographic data

Examind SDK supports projection, metadata, and styles management.

This robust toolbox allows to saves time in development project while keeping control on your application. Geomatys guarantees projections quality and Examind SDK security. Thus, this development kit perfectly fit to industrial and defense worlds.

Examind SDK is already used as a geospatial component for the Geode 4D project supported by the Ministry of the Armed Forces. The Airbus DS and Météo France International teams use this features library.