Examind Community

The Examind suite Open Source core

Examind Community is an open source platform dedicated to geographic data infrastructures development. It constitutes the foundation of custom developments carried out by Geomatys and results from more than 10 years of R&D.

This infrastructure is based on open source libraries mainly developed by the company’s teams: GeoAPI, Geotoolkit and Apache SIS. Its numerous features enable to meet all the requirements of geospatial information processing.

This platform supports the whole data processing, from information collection to diffusion through Web services. It provides an ergonomic interface that allows to easily manipulate many georeferenced data formats.

Examind Community offers a wide range of services :

  • For data and metadata management, CSW
  • For data visualization with WMS and WMTS classic services
  • For data management via documented API REST
  • For WPS distributed processing implementation
  • For data representation with a wide range of pallets and symbologies choices, for style edition
  • Sensor data collection and diffusion services (mobile phones, GPS signals, connected objects)

You want a custom development ?

Editor of its own tools, Geomatys guarantees a full control of each development layer. The emphasis given to compliance with OGC and ISO standards ensures the interoperability of the developed solutions. Thus, it’s possible to spread your data through 7 different OGC services.

You prefer internal development ?

Freely downloadable, Examind Community allows to create your own spatial data infrastructure combining ease of use and functional richness. The code transparency of the open source platform offers you application control guarantees.

Our customers already used Examind Community. The platform is actually at the heart of ODIN project and GeoSUD earth observation catalogue. The latter offers multi-resolution and multi-sensor data terabytes for download.

The platform

The Examind Community platform, is available here :