Examind Cloud

The geospatial Big Data in your private Cloud

Examind-Cloud is a platform that brings together a set of services allowing the development of a geospatial cloud solution. It enables the data diffusion and analysis in a Big Data context. The cloud-based solution is an evolution of Examind Server. 

Restructured in micro-services, Examind-Cloud enables the load to be spread on numerous servers. Thus, it offers massive scalability and resilience adapted to mission-critical infrastructure implementation.

The platform integrates Big Data technologies, such as :

  • ElasticSearch, for the metadata catalog exploitation
  • Spark, as a distributed computing solution hosting geoprocessing solutions
  • A Deep Learning Engine

Examind-Cloud has been developed for Big Data and Fast Data thematic. The solution manages large volumes of free data, such as :

  • The OpenStreetMap Databank
  • The Sentinel 1 & 2 Databanks
  • Sensor data streams, such as AIS signals

Examind-Cloud is based on the micro-services concept. The platform is structured around Docker and Kubernetes solutions. It adapts to various cloud infrastructures and specificities imposed by our customers’ infrastructures.