The RhoMéO program brings together operators involved in the knowledge and monitoring of wetlands throughout the Rhône-Mediterranean basin. Together they have developed a series of wetland monitoring protocols and indicators to establish a typology and provide the means for multi-year monitoring.

These protocols and indicators are currently available to all stakeholders as a toolbox, giving everyone the keys to data collection and analysis.

CEN Rhône Alpes has requested Geomatys to develop the software component of its RhoMéO wetland monitoring toolbox. This software is intended to be a calculation assistant for all operators, and is therefore user-friendly, robust and suitable for all platforms.


Software development, allowing to :

  • Raw data entry or import
  • Validate protocols respect 
  • Calculate monitoring indicators
  • Consolidate indicators


  • Java / Java FX
  • Spring FrameWork
  • Geotoolkit / Apache SIS