Geographical data occupy an increasingly important place in the field of defense. Industry players need to make quick decisions that require accurate and up-to-date information.
The increase in the geographical information volume, their velocity and their precision, allows their processing in near real time. Whether to protect populations, prepare intervention missions or detect fraud, accuracy and speed of action are essential.

In this context, Geomatys develops applications able to process and accurately mapped large volumes of data.
Because we know time matter, we promote automated processing and data exchange with interoperable software.

Our expertise in Geographic Information Systems allows us to develop geointelligent applications. Multidimensional data processing and analysis provides space and time referenced elements required for decision making.


DEMONS project (macro task of the ENVironment GEOphysics upstream study program) allows to characterize the geographical environment of a given region. We develop the GIS desktop application that enable the import, processing and visualization of multidimensional data.




Our skills in terms of GeoIntelligence, conducted us to participate in the SparkInData project. In this context, we developed a platform that federate Earth Observation data sources. The issue was to enable Big Data geospatial analysis such as deep learning object detection for defense needs while adapting to the challenges and benefits of cloud computing infrastructures.

Geomatys also participated in the development of the 2D and 3D geospatial data infrastructure on the DCNS-led project i4Drones. This one allows theater management by drones.

DCNS has made a video of the project available: here

We have developed ideal software for the defense field. The Examind Server platform is, for example, perfectly suited for operations theater management for the military world.
Our development kit Examind SDK allows to save time on sensitive project development. This library of secure features is already used on the Geode 4D project of the Ministry of Army and by Airbus DS teams.

For more information about our skills in Geographic Information System for defense, contact our teams.

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